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Tesla Offers New Stunning Colors For Its Vehicles

Tesla has two new stunning colors for its vehicles - a midnight cherry red and a quicksilver color. These will come out of Giga Berlin.

Tesla Offers New Stunning Colors For Its Vehicles

Tesla has showcased two new stunning colors for its vehicles - a midnight cherry red and a quicksilver. Let's take a look at them.

Tesla showed a Tweet, touting that Giga Berlin had its most advanced paint system yet and allowed up to 13 layers for depth, dimension & a hand-painted look. This allowed Tesla to make some very cool colors for its vehicles.

Earlier in the year, Elon Musk reiterated that Tesla is going to make new colors of out giga factory berlin, starting with two: the midnight cherry and the quicksilver. Here is Elon Musk's official statement:

We have to be careful with the total number of colors, but we are going to make some special colors here, and it's about more than the color itself, but the layers of paint in order to get the dimensionality. We are going to make a very special red, which probably a lot of people have seen. It's like 13 layers of paint. And we will also have a silver with maybe eight layers. It's also going to be special - kind of a liquid silver.

I've seen both the midnight cherry and quicksilver and both are stunning to look at. I'm looking forward to what other colors Tesla might have.

Tesla's Colors and More

Elon also said earlier in the year that with respect to colors and which colors are going to be available from this factory, colors are always a challenge because when you think about colors, you don't only need to manufacture it, but you also need service for it and to fix it for the next 20 years. We have to think, "What are we going to put the service team through?"

The midnight cherry red is similar to the existing red color for Tesla's vehicles, but is a much more glossy red and it's too bad that it isn't on the Model S Plaid. That would be a nice fit. The quick silver vehicles are also very nice to look at and the paint really shines when you look at it.

The design studios for vehicles from Giga Shanghai still have the metallic silver, but with an addition of the quicksilver color. There is also the standard red option and the new midnight cherry red.

The wait times for the Model Y in Giga Shanghai are going as far out as July of 2023 for the midnight cherry red and for the quicksilver, April of 2023 is the date for a Model Y. Who knows the reason for this - could be the paint being new, could be other things.

What do you think of Tesla's new colors? Would you get a midnight cherry red or quicksilver color?

For more information, see this video by Tesla Daily:

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Image Credit, Tesla Daily, Screenshot