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Tesla - Hyper Growth In Europe: What the Europe Team Is Aiming For

Tesla Has Given Its Europe Team "Hyper Growth" As Its Motive. Here's what it means.

Tesla - Hyper Growth in Europe

Tesla has given its team in Europe a theme of hyper growth as an objective. Among the three major regions, Tesla's growth in deliveries in Q1, 2023, was its strongest in Europe and globally, they increased by 36 percent compared to the same period last year.

However, in Europe's 27 major markets, Tesla sold as much as 58 percent more electric cars and the Model Y was a bestseller in all classes. This is just the beginning for Tesla.

According to Teslamag, Tesla gave its European team "hyper growth" as the primary theme for 2023.

During a pan-European video conference with members of Tesla management in Europe, it was learned from various informed sources that hyper growth was the theme for 2023. There were various slides put together, including one that said, "This Year We Kill the ICE."

Tesla's lowering of its prices this year could be one of the reasons as a correlation to this hyper growth theme for 2023.

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Will Tesla Achieve Hyper Growth?

Tesla wants to aggressively tackle the European market in 2023. There are some good conditions for this as in Q1 2023, there are enough EVs that should be available. Production at Giga Berlin exceeded 5,000 Model Y vehicles per week by the end of the quarter.

When you take this out to one year, this is already more EVs than Tesla sold in Europe in total for 2022 and double the production is planned. There will also be important from Giga Shanghai to add to the total sales in Europe.

The Model 3 and Model Y are more attractive to the European market with price cuts, most taking place from January - April.

Tesla is also planning on opening 30 new service centers per quarter in Europe this year - and this is about the same number that are in Germany. Every 3 months, 1,000 new Supercharger stalls are going to be added as well. There are over 10,000 Supercharger stalls in Europe now.

Tesla will increase its communication efforts, as many Tesla investors have been calling for. This could mean better service and even possible advertising to educate the masses about EVs.

Tesla is going to accelerate its growth in Europe and achieve "hyper growth". It's only a matter of time. Do you think Tesla will achieve hyper growth in Europe? What does hyper growth mean to you?

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