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Tesla Dash Cam Catches Rollover Accident: Car Flips Completely Over

We see footage of a Tesla dash cam capturing footage of a rollover accident. A car was completely flipped over on its top.

Tesla Captures Rollover Accidents

We see a vide of a Tesla driver who captured a rollover accident. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in this accident, but it is a reminder of why paying attention no matter what care you are driving is important.

Donnie was heading home from work after getting food with a co-worker when the Autopilot altered him that a VW missed him by inches and then smashed into the side of the car in front of him, causing it to flip over on its head and causing significant damage to the car in front.

In this case, it was the aggressive driving of the car passing Donnie on the right and veering too fast into the lane on the left that caused the accident. There's really no good reason to be driving that fast ahead, and it's likely that the driver was not paying attention or making an incorrect decision to do that.

Accidents these days are very expensive as cars are in short supply for those that need them. Even a hit to the back of the car that causing the fender to fall off can cost upwards of $10,000 to fix. It's better to drive carefully and avoid an accident like this in the first place.

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Other Accidents: Rear End and Double Lane Crossing

There were more accidents caught on camera. Another vehicle was driving recklessly and hit a parked car on the side of the road and tore the driver side mirror off the vehicle.

In another accident, a car went out into the street too quickly, hitting a flat bed truck. It's a case of not judging the distance between the end of the flat bed and the truck.

In another case, water shot up to the windshield of a Tesla driver, causing them to not take a turn all the way. In this case, it was a blessing in disguise, as there was a car parked on the left side of the road that they might have hit had they taken the turn properly.

In another accident, a truck crossed two lanes of traffic to try and make a right turn at an intersection, hitting a Tesla. This is a bad idea as there are cars that are going straight through that lane or trying to turn right and the chance of hitting them is high.

Another Model 3 driver was stopped at a red light and the car behind them, a Jeep Wrangler, wasn't paying attention and rear ended them hard. It's important to always be paying attention when you drive.

With autonomous driving systems that are always paying attention, many of these types of accidents will be eliminated, and the roads will be safer.

For more, see this video from Wham Baam Teslacam:

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Image Credit, Wham Baam Teslacam, Screenshot