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Stunning New Tesla Roadster With A Silver Body Seen On Display - With a Single Windshield Wiper

There is a video of a new Tesla Roadster on display with a stunning silver body. It also has a single windshield wiper blade on the front.

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Stunning Silver Body Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is a vehicle that many have forgotten about, especially with all the latest news about the Cybertruck and the foundation series - which Jay Leno was seen driving earlier today.

Still, this new Tesla Roadster doesn't disappoint with a stunning silver body that glows when the light reflects upon it. It also, unusually, has a single wiper blade in the front

A while back, there was a Tesla in a black matte wrap that looked incredible. However, that looked to be just a picture or rendering, whereas this Roadster looks like it is physically at a location with people around it

I have reached out to "Tesla Cars Only", the poster of this Tesla Roadster, to see if it was indeed actually at the location with the people there. If it was, then I am also very curious about the single wiper blade and have to ask if Tesla is moving to a single wiper blade system for its vehicles.

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Why the Single Wiper Blade and SpaceX Rocket?

If this car is just a video rendering, it is still a very good-looking vehicle, and hopefully Tesla is watching. Having a black matte wrap along with this silver color would definitely draw interest.

I have to agree with this video that the new Tesla Roadster will not be a 4-door car and this will save on weight for the vehicle, which will need to be able to go very fast and have a higher range than normal Tesla vehicles.

The New Tesla Roadster will have an option for a SpaceX rocket booster - which a Tesla Cybertruck was seen hauling recently, according to Elon Musk, allowing it to go 0 to 60 mph in 1.2 seconds or so and also to be able to hover above the ground briefly.


With all that Tesla is doing, and Elon Musk is trying to accomplish, I am unsure if Tesla is going to get to the new Tesla Roadster anytime soon. There are some who have made reservations, so I am willing to bet they would like to get their car.

If it is going to release, look for is some time in 2025, once the Cybertruck is in volume production and no longer taking up so much of Tesla's time.

This video also shows it with a single wiper blade, and that makes me wonder if Tesla is changing course on traditional wiper blades. Since the Cybertruck has a single wiper blade, is the new Tesla Roadster going to do that too? It would save on wiper blade cost and complexity...

This is about all I know about this new silver Tesla Roadster, but I'll be sure to share more if I find out more. In the meantime, stay tuned for more breaking Tesla news.

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What do you think about this silver colored new Tesla Roadster? Would you get one like this?

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Image Credit, Tesla Cars Only, Screenshot

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