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Hacking Tesla Range With Multiple Wheel Covers

We have a video from Kim Java showing how she tested multiple wheel covers to see what gave her Tesla Model 3 Performance the best range.

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Testing wheel covers: installation

Kim Java has a Model 3 Performance and is refreshing her wheels to see which one will get the best performance. She uses the 20-inch performance tires on this vehicle. The three types of covers she tested are:

* The Tesla Aero Covers
* Rimetrix Wheel Covers
* T Sportline Uberturbine Wheel Covers

She also put caliper covers on the wheels for a more sporty look.

These are the yellow things attached to the wheel before the tire is put on. Caliper covers will keep your wheels cleaner, as they can reduce brake dust, keeping your car cleaner between washings. Additionally, the caliper covers can act as a heat sink, drawing the heat from your calipers.

Changing a tire on a Tesla is pretty easy. You just need a jack and a pad that goes into a hole in your Tesla near the tire. Once they took the tire off, they took it and put it at the end of the car near the tire for safety in case the jack failed.

After taking the tire off, she put the brake caliper on and then put the tire back on. The first one took a while, but after that, she learned how to do it and it was fast.

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What cover had the best range?

There was also a custom decal she put on the yellow brake calipers. It's interesting the variety of things you can do to customize your Tesla if you're into that.

The lug nuts were replaced on each wheel. Special lug nuts for Tesla were designed and need a special key to take them off the wheel. This keeps your wheels safe from being stolen. The key functions by having special grooves in it that are custom to the lug nuts put on the tire.

Putting the tire covers on was easy. The covers were 18 inches and covered the wheels where there might have been road rash. For reference, road rash is something many Tesla owners experience because it's easy to hit the curb with your Tesla vehicles if you aren't paying attention or using the cameras to orient yourself.

After changing the wheel covers, Kim took the Model 3 Performance on a range test. The test consisted of driving 70 miles per hour on the same stretch of highway to see what the watt-hours-per-mile would be.

* Tesla stock aero covers averaged 245 Wh/m
* Rimetrix wheel covers did a little better at 242 Wh/m
* T Sportline Uberturbine Wheel Covers were the most efficient with an average of 234 Wh/m

The aftermarket covers provided slightly better efficiency, and Kim thinks the look of them is much better than the original aero covers that Tesla gives you. In fact, she thinks Tesla provides those wheel covers in order to get people to upgrade to the more expensive ones.

For more information, see this video from Kim Java:

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Image Credit, Kim Java, Screenshot

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