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Giga Texas Will Boast World's Largest Solar Array - A Staggering 30 MW

Giga Texas will complete a solar array on its roof that will be the largest in the world - a 30 MW solar array.


Giga Texas Solar Array

Tesla is working on a staggering 30 MW solar rooftop system for its Giga Texas factory, and this will be the largest in the world of its kind, according to Tesla officials.

There will be 70,000 panels that sit on the top of the 10-million-square-foot factory once the construction is complete.

Right now, phase 1 is complete and this allows Giga Texas to pull approximately 10 MW from the solar array. When it's all completed, it will be 30 MW and will be the largest in the world of its kind, according to Logan Grant, the Tesla senior manager of factory engineering.

This information was presented to the Travis County Commissioners Court.

30 MW is a lot of solar power. To put this in perspective, a Megapack has 1 MW or 1.9 MW, depending on which kind of Megapack you buy. The power in this solar array will equal about 30 Megapacks - but the energy will all be coming from solar panels and can be used and not even stored unless Tesla wants to!

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When Will It Be Complete?

Joe Tegtmeyer originally shared the 70,000 solar panel count back in April 2022. Tesla has not started its phase 2 of its solar panel build out.

Mayur Thaker, a Tesla investor who also offers criticism against Tesla as well had this to say about the solar array:

"I'm sorry but we've heard these promises before. Tesla has been talking about massive 50-70 MW rooftop solar on Giga Nevada since 2017, and it's been painfully slow. Strange how Tesla has gone this long without maxing out on rooftop solar for all factories, despite being in the solar business itself."

I don't know if he meant to say Giga Nevada here or if he wanted to say Giga Texas, but regardless, he is right about Giga Texas not yet completing their rooftop solar or having rooftop solar for the other Gigafactories. It's possible that it is just too time-consuming, there are not enough resources or employees, or it is expensive to do it fast and all at once.

The good news is that Tesla already has 10 MW at Giga Texas, and I would expect them to get to their 30 MW goal in the next 3 years or so.

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What do you think about Tesla's solar array on top of Giga Texas? Will they complete this within the next 3 years?

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