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Get Ready for an Explosion In Tesla Interest Today - From the Super Bowl EV Ads of Other Companies

Tesla is about to get a lot more interest in online searches due to advertising from other auto makers during the Super Bowl.

Tesla Interest About to Increase - From the Super Bowl Ads of Competitors

The football Super Bowl is happening today and there is going to be a lot of EV advertisements from other companies like General Motors and Ford. Last year, when this happened, an explosion and interest for Tesla electric vehicles happened. This explosion and interest for Tesla happened because when people saw that their advertisements for EVs (electric vehicles), they went online to search and started to do comparisons and found Tesla vehicles.

When they did this comparison for Tesla electric vehicles compared to the electric vehicles for the companies that were doing advertisements during the Super Bowl, most of them discovered that Tesla vehicles were a better buy than the vehicles being advertised during the Super Bowl.

This is one reason why Tesla does not do any advertising because when other electric vehicles do advertising customers are going to look at those electric vehicles in like any smart consumer do comparisons to other products to see what is the Best Buy. Because Tesla is able to do mass production of their Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, they are able to sell those vehicles at the best price for the specs that you get.

Until other companies like Ford or General Motors are able to do electric vehicle production in mass quantities, they are going to have to either sell those vehicles at a loss or raise the price of those vehicles and sell them for more than what Tesla does.

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How Does Another Automaker Differentiate Itself From Tesla?

Tesla will get a lot of interest during the Super Bowl halftime show, especially with the electric vehicle advertisements. There are going to be some commercials that show Tesla vehicles even though they are not an EV commercial. The traditional model of advertising vehicles with commercials trying to get consumers to buy them is starting to get outdated.

Tesla is what is making this traditional model of advertising outdated because they are making the most compelling and technologically advanced and best performing and longest range vehicles for the price you are paying. This is disrupting this advertising model, and it is going to force other companies to either make compelling products, or sell their products at a loss.

Because many millions of people are going to be watching the Super Bowl, this is going to drive interest in Tesla. I expect to see an increase in search queries for Tesla vehicles. People are going to see the advertisements during the Super Bowl and start doing searches for things like should I buy a General Motors Chevy Volt or a Ford Mustang Mach-E, and then they are going to see options for Tesla vehicles as they do these searches.

This is why Tesla has a huge Advantage because they got started with the electric vehicle Revolution before any of these other companies, and they have reached a point of mass production before any of these companies. They have also focused on bringing down their costs and increasing their technology through over the air software updates and things like FSD (full self-driving) and autopilot.

It is going to take a Herculean effort from other companies like for GM and either and even some of the other EV startups like Lucid and Rivian in order for them to catch up to Tesla. Really what they are going to have to do is get to a point of mass production so that they hit economies of scale and can actually make electric vehicles for a profit and sell them for a lower cost.

If there is one disadvantage that Tesla vehicles have, it is that they only have a few models to choose from with only a few colors, and therefore the variety is not that great. So far this has not been a deterrent for consumers who are buying hundreds of thousands and now over a million of these per year. If I were another automaker, I would look to somehow Mass produce electric vehicles but allow for a lot of variety and look and color. This would be one way to differentiate yourself from Tesla.

How much interest do you think Tesla will get from other automakers Super Bowl ads?

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