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Four Occupants Survive Model 3 Crash in Germany

We have news that there was a rollover crash in Germany with a Tesla Model 3. Four occupants survived.

Tesla Model 3 Crash in Germany

A crash involving a Tesla Model 3 happened in Germany. Four people's lives were saved by the vehicle, which withstood major damage.

It was Saturday night on February 12, 2023, well past midnight when there was a major traffic accident with a Model 3 occurring on the K19 ring road in Germany. Four people were injured, but survived with the protection of the Model 3. The passengers were able to exit the vehicle on their own before service personnel arrived on the scene.

Tesla vehicles have many protective measures in them, including software and strong frames that can withstand great force on all sides and on top of the car. In the vehicle was a 20-year-old man and three passengers. He lost control of the Model 3 doing a right turn at high speed.

The high speed and sharp turn of the car caused it to skid and roll over twice before stopping in a field near the road. The speed had to be exceptionally high for the vehicle to roll over because a Model 3 is weighted with a very low center of gravity due to its battery pack.

It appears the speed of the vehicle has not been reported yet. Firefighters arrived and saw that the four passengers were already out of the car. They had injuries, but at what level, was not reported.

Credit the Tesla Model 3 and the durability and safety of the vehicle for helping keep the four occupants out of serious harm. The car is made of aluminum and steel and has major strength in every area of it. Tesla takes great care to crash test and make sure their cars are very safe.

Tesla crash Germany

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Tesla Safety

It's rare when I hear of an accident involving a Tesla where the occupants inside the Tesla end up dying. It happens, but more often than not, when I read about a Tesla crashing, the occupants inside survive.

Tesla vehicles are known for their safety features, both with software and with the durability of their vehicles. They have 5 star safety ratings from NHTSA and demonstrate crash testing when compared to gas vehicles with an engine in the front of the car. There is a minimal crumple zone of a Tesla vehicle.

I'm glad to see that the occupants in this crash survived. I upgraded to a Tesla Model 3 RWD from a 2009 Honda Fit in August 2020. This was a major upgrade for me and my driving, and I feel much safer in my new Tesla. It feels like a tank compared to my previous car.

I also get the added benefit of the software in the vehicle continually monitoring the roads and notifying me of forward collision warnings or vehicles around me. I won't ever be able to go away from a Tesla as my car now.

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