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Driving a Tesla Upside Down With 10 Feet Tall Wheels

We have a Tesla owner who modified his Tesla with 10 feet tall wheels. He then turned the car upside down and still drove it.

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Driving a Tesla With 10 Feet Tall Wheels

I thought I had seen it all, until WhistlinDiesel and his YouTube channel showed his Tesla Model Y being retrofitted with 10 feet wheels. These wheels give enough space for another car to drive under it.

The original car tires were taken off and the 10 feet tall wheels were put on. The reason for doing this was so the car could be driven upside down.

Unfortunately, it made it difficult to get into the car because the wheel were blocking the car doors.

When the car was driving, it looked like the car was just floating. In reality, this is what is happening with regular tires on a car, except in this case, you have the illusion of the car floating.

If you look at the speed he was driving, it was between 3 and 5 miles per hour. It is doubtful you could go much faster on these giant wheels without causing damage.

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Driving a Tesla Upside Down

He then took the car and made it go upside down. The car was still working while upside down.

This took quite a feat of engineering to accomplish. Later on in the video, the car was shown going faster than 5 miles per hour.

After turning up the speed a lot higher, the wheels lost their rubber outer layer and became unable to be driven.

Lastly, the Tesla was rolled down a hill and ended up going really fast before it crashed into the ground.

Please note, that doing this to your Tesla vehicle will immediately void the warranty.

I found this video to be very entertaining.

You can watch the full video HERE.

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Image Credit, WhistlinDiesel, Screenshot

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