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Driver Unlocks and Drives a Tesla That Wasn't His Own - On Accident

We have a video of a man who accidentally unlocked someone else's Tesla. He then drove it. Here's what happened.

Unlocking a Tesla Accidentally

In a case of mistaken identity, a man in Vancouver was able to unlock and drive another owner's Tesla Model 3 using the app on his phone. He says he thought he was getting into his own car because the Tesla was the same color.

He looked in the car and saw that things weren't right and what he was used to in his car. Not only that, but he then got a text message from the actual owner, who was able to unlock and get into his Tesla.

The man tried to contact Tesla with video evidence, but hasn't heard back.

I searched online for more cases of this, and it has happened before, but it doesn't happen very often.

He got his car last year and he and his family were enjoying the vehicle and the hi-tech features and savings on fuel.

He met with the other Tesla owner, and he was more amused than alarmed.

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How Did This Happen?

Let's take a look and see what happened. What happened is that there were two similar Tesla vehicles next to each other, and he thinks that he was able to use his phone to unlock the other person's car.

I think what happened is that both people had their cars unlocked and both were driveable at the same time. The man who went in the wrong Tesla simply assumed it was his Tesla because it was unlocked, but went into another person's Tesla.

I think the other person must have been on his way to his Tesla and probably used the app to unlock it. With the car unlocked, the other person was able to get into it.

I have gone to the gym and on my way back seen vehicles that look exactly like my Model 3 RWD. I've even tried the door handle on them before realizing it isn't my Tesla vehicle.

This is one challenge for Tesla: how do you differentiate Tesla vehicles from each other besides them being a different Model. It's the one thing I can see that may be a challenge for Tesla.

Anyhow, back to the incident that happened with the Tesla Model 3. I think that two owners simply had their cars unlocked at the same time, and this made for the perfect storm and the situation that happened. Luckily, it was resolved quickly.

Do you think both cars were unlocked and that is what happened here? Or do you think this man's Tesla app opened the other man's car?

For more information, see this video from NBC:

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