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Ditch Public Charging And Charge Your EV Anywhere Using The Power Of The Sun: GoSun Solar Charger Offers 30 Miles Per Day Charging

You can charge your EV from anywhere now with GoSun's EV solar charger. It's stored on top of your car, costs $2,999, is eligible for a 30% tax credit, and charges up to 30 miles per day.

Charging Your EV From Anywhere

You can reserve a solar array that will fit on top of your EV from GoSun, with an estimated delivery of 2025.

This solar array promises to charge up to 30 miles per day for your EV, such as a Tesla, and is estimated to cost $2,999. It is also apparently eligible for a 30% tax credit.

It says it is easy to install on all roof racks at a weight of only 70 lbs., with a durability to withstand the elements, and charges anywhere with 1,200 watts.

Reservations are starting at $100.

The big question is, is this real, will it save you money, and is it something that will truly deliver on what it is stating? Let's find out.

The premise behind this solar array from GoSun is the following:

EV's are great, but public charging isn't...

As more individuals and businesses transition to electric vehicles to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, the demand for convenient and accessible charging infrastructure grows - especially for workplace and destination charging.

GoSun develops sustainable transportation solutions to support EV adoption; enhancing the overall experience for drivers, providing peace of mind and confidence in their journey.

The reason they say you should buy their solar array is that you will be up to 30 miles/day with solar self-charging. This is done by:

GoSun’s compact rooftop carrier contains twelve hundred watts of solar power, enough to make around 80% of the vehicle’s annual mileage.

Don’t tie yourself down to inconvenient public charging stations. Now, you can carry a power plant wherever you go.

It also promises the following benefits:

  • Drive On Sunshine: You already drive the most carbon-neutral form of transportation. Combine that with net-positive power coming from the Sun.
  • Fits On Any EV: Fits all EV's and Hybrids, from compact cars to large luxury SUVs and trucks. It simply requires a roof rack or a luggage rack.
  • Forget Public Chargers: No more waiting, or hunting around town to charge. Go off-grid without worrying about power.
  • Keep Vehicle Cool: Catch the solar power you want, block the heat you don't want.
  • Longer Battery Life: Extend your battery's lifespan by charging regularly and slowly with the finest source of power.
  • Self-Charging Convenience: Meet your daily commuting needs (up to 30 miles/day; average of 10–20 miles). * Mileage dependent on vehicle and weather conditions
  • Off-Grid Independence: Free from external power sources, bills, and subscriptions. Charge your EV at the office, home, or in the mountains, your choice.
  • Easy Installation: EV Solar Charger ships pre-assembled, and can mount to your car's roof rack in just 20 minutes.
  • Rugged Build Quality: Designed for durability, withstands all speeds up to 100 MPH and winds up to 30 MPH when extended.
  • Aerodynamic + Lightweight: Streamlined profile reduces drag and lightweight assembly reduces effect on range.
  • Range Extension: Carrying a power source gives peace of mind when going further.
  • Latest in Solar Tech: New, flexible, monocrystalline solar cells enable the highest power to weight ratio ever.
  • Power Accessories: Use AC, DC, & USB Outputs to power up devices in case of emergencies and when you’re out and about—on a job site or festival.
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit: Eligible for a 30% credit from the IRS, plus local rebates and incentives (please consult your tax advisor).
  • Keep Thieves Away: The entire system is protected from potential snatchers when you’re away from your EV.

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Is This Real And Will It Save You Money?

The biggest question is if this is real and reliable. If you can park for a few hours and get 30 minutes of charging, that is great, but the reality is that this is more like an 8 or 9-hour day's worth of charging. If you commute to work and work an 8 or 9-hour day, then you will most likely get your range back, assuming favorable weather conditions.

Considering a 30% tax credit, that shaves off $900 to $2,100, plus some taxes and likely other fees, let's call it $2,200 for the base cost. If that saves you from ever having to charge it again, how long to make your money back?

When I charge my car during peak hours, I'll pay about $30 to charge around 250 miles of range. When it's off hours, that goes down to about $15 or less. Let's assume a 20-mile two-way commute per day.

At peak hours cost, you are paying $0.12 per mile to charge. At off hours cost, you are paying $0.06 per mile to charge. Given the cost of $2,200, that gives you the following:

  • 18,333 miles to break even at peak hours cost.
  • 36,666 miles to break even at off hours cost.

If you commute regularly, you may drive 5,000 miles to your job a year, thus breaking even in about 3 years for peak hours cost. It's 6 years if you use off-peak electricity costs.

Is the price worth it? You'll have to decide? I think two things need to happen.

Solar cells need to get more efficient and charge at 60 miles per 8 hours instead of 30. Then, the cost needs to come down by half. This creates a product that costs $1,100 and charges twice as fast. This would be something I think most people would consider.

If you are planning on having your EV for more than 6 years and commute regularly, I think this product is a good idea right now, assuming it is durable and will last a long time without issues.

Solar charging may not be where it needs to be quite yet to make products like this viable, but it will be in the future. As the efficiency of solar increases and the price comes down, look for more and more of these types of products to exist.

In the meantime, for someone who wants to live off grid and use their EV for energy, this is a good product and worth considering. Otherwise, I think it's more of a novelty item, and it will take a while to break even.

GoSun says this product will fit just about any EV on the market today - their words are: "Will fit almost any vehicle."

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What do you think about this solar array for your EV from GoSun?

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Image Credit/Reference: GoSun