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Comparing Tesla's New 2023 Model Y to the Older Model Y

An owner of a 2023 Model Y and a 2020 Model Y goes over the differences, including a whopping $16,000 price difference.


Comparing Tesla's New 2023 Model Y to the Older Model Y

What are the differences between the new 2023 Model Y and the older Model Y vehicle? One user with both of these cars shares the differences.

The way to know what year your Tesla is, is to check the VIN. It is the 11th digit on the VIN. For 2023, the digit should be O. The digit P will be for 2024.

Starting with the exterior of the car, there are changes that you will notice right away. The wheels are exactly the same with the same options. This user has 20 inch induction wheels. Around the front of the Model Y from 2023 (the new one), there are no more radar senses on the vehicle. For the old model, you can see the sensors and the imprints of them on the car. They look like little circles.

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Tesla is now using the vision system for everything. The new cars are going to be delivered without parking sensors up front and hopefully there is an update as soon as possible. This user thinks that Tesla is trying to ship as many cars as possible and didn't remove radar due to the chip shortage.

Another example for this users 2 year old car has a button the adjusts lumbar support. In the new car, the buttons are slightly different. There is a cutout where the lumbar supports used to be. They got data and said there wasn't a lot of usage for passenger lumbar. This user again thinks that it is just Tesla trying to reduce chips and ship more cars.

Tesla Model Y

When looking at the front of the car, there is a white interior around the inside of the doors, even with the white paint. If you move to the 2023 model, there is a black door with a white trim. The material is also nicer on the inside of the doors. This is a nice upgrade.

There is a feature that helps with the sound in the car. The cars are loud in the interior because there is a lot of glass and plastic in the car. In the old car, there is a lot of plastic and no trunk cover. In the 2023 model, there is a carpet padding on the inside of the doors. This is a great upgrade from Tesla to reduce outside noise.

In the back, there is a trunk cover that is well engineered. The trunk cover is magnetized and can be removed if needed. In the 2023 model, there is a problem that is the same as the older model. The build quality for part of the car that has a carpet part that sticks out and isn't flush. This is an issue for both vehicles.

Tesla gets abused for build quality issues and every tiny little thing is going to be noticed. Another improvement is that the buttons are a mat finish and have diagrams. There is also carpet on the inside of the door. For the 2020 model, it's all just plastic.

This user paid $16,000 less for his Model Y - for a total of $48,990. There is also a new center console that is well made and is a nice upgrade. The frunk sub compartment is all the same. There is a new HEPA filter in the Model Y and it covers a much larger area.

There is also two nozzles for windshield wiper spray to come out.

Are these changes from the old to the new Model Y good? Would you buy a Tesla Model Y?

For more information, see this video by Gjeebs:

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John Pope (not verified)    August 8, 2023 - 5:26PM

Vehicle VINs don't typically use the letter O.
2023 Tesla Model Y year is designated with a P
2024 Tesla Model Y year will be R as they also don't use Q