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Bill Gates Has a Massive Short on Tesla: Elon Musk Advises Not To

We see that Elon Musk has advised Bill Gates not to have a short position on Tesla in order to advance sustainable energy.

Elon Musk Advises Bill Gates on Tesla Short Position

Elon Musk has said that Bill Gates not having a massive short position on Tesla would be a step in the right direction to advocate a change to sustainable and clean Energy.

This comes after Bill Gates has said that we need to change the way we do "almost everything" to fight climate change.

The big question is: Why does Bill Gates have a short on Tesla? The reason is that it will stunt Tesla's growth a little as the stock grows slower in value and is a little less attractive to talent that might work there.

Take this video for instance:

This is a video of Bill Gates right in downtown London in a vehicle with some self-driving software, a Wayve AI vehicle. The video is set up much like other videos from Cruise or Waymo, with it being edited and showing just the highlights of the trip. It's clear that Bill Gates has investment in this succeeding and not Tesla. Bill Gates has also limited the replies to this Tweet.

One thing I like about Tesla FSD is that it requires a human driver, and it makes mistakes, and those mistakes can be seen all over YouTube by people who are testing the software and taking over and submitting feedback to Tesla. There is no way that Wayve is going to drive without error, and its data set is going to be much smaller than Tesla's.

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Where Will Tesla Go In the Future?

Tesla is clearly making a big bet on autonomous driving software. Recently, we got a video from Whole Mars Catalog, who drove a Tesla and showed us how a ride-sharing platform would work with a car picking up people and dropping them off. This video was done with little to no editing and showed the entire ride and conversation with the passengers.

When I think about how many vehicles Tesla will deliver this year, it is going to be close to 2 million. That doesn't seem like a lot compared to the biggest automakers. Until you get to a year that Tesla delivers 10 million. And then you have the year that Tesla has passed all regulation and now has autonomous vehicles numbering in the 10's to 100's of millions all over the world.

This is the big "bet" with Tesla, but like AI, it is an inevitability in my opinion. With only a few million cars on the road today gathering data, eventually Tesla will have 10 million, then 20 million, then 100 million. That amount of data will help Tesla get to level 5 autonomy.

I think other people can try and "show" they are better than Tesla. They can market their technology and show a car without a driver. But these are all small cases in very limited areas. Tesla is focusing on a real and global solution, while others are trying to market their way to success.

Now, should Bill Gates have a short position on Tesla?

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