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Bargersville's Fleet of 13 Tesla Police Cars Saves Taxpayers Money From Fuel Costs And Allows Hiring Two Additional Officers

The Bargersville, Indiana, Police Department saves about $80,000 a year in fuel costs compared to gas-powered vehicles - this has allowed them to also hire two additional officers.

Police Department In Indiana Saves Money Buying Tesla Vehicles

A small town in Indiana is buying Tesla vehicles and doing its part to help clean up the environment, save money, and employ more people.

The town officials, which said that buying Tesla vehicles instead of gas cars is more than just saving the environment and going green. It all comes down to the money, according to the Police Chief, Todd Bertram.

He needed two more officers, and that was the primary motivation for buying Tesla vehicles.

The good thing about Tesla vehicles is they are very low maintenance and have fuel costs that are much cheaper than gas.

The Bargersville Police Department has been buying Tesla vehicles since 2019 and has a total of 13 now. These vehicles save taxpayers about $80,000 a year in fuel costs -vs- gas powered cars.

When they began buying Tesla vehicles, they thought it was risky, but now they see the proven economic savings. In fact, the town has been able to hire two additional police officers due to the fuel savings.

The town has added about 6 new police officers since buying the first Tesla in 2019.

A Tesla cost more than a Dodge Charger or Ford Crown Victoria, according to the Clerk Treasurer, Dustin Doyle. However, after three years, the fuel savings begin to make up the difference.

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Many Benefits To Having a Tesla

There are many benefits to having a Tesla vehicle - it benefits the environment, said Treasurer Doyle, but the benefits to the taxpayers for saving money shows fiscally responsible behavior.

The year before buying their first Tesla, in 2018, cost Bargersville $54,000 on gas for police cars. By 2023, adding six new police cars resulted in $31,000 on fuel.

The Chargers, which were the prior gas powered cars, get anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000 upon trade in. However, when they trade in a Tesla, they've gotten around $17,500 for a 2019 Tesla. That's a big trade in difference.

The officers also like driving the Tesla police cars. One of those officers is Cody St. John, who is 6'2'' and has no problem getting inside a Model Y, saying, "I have no issues with it. I fit in this car. Plenty of legroom, plenty of room for everything else."

A Tesla takes a little bit to get used to at first - I know it did for me, but now, when I have to drive a gas car again, it's like going back to a horse and buggy.

There are still six gas powered vehicles in the Bargersville Police Department, burning through $2,900 a month in gas fuel.

The 13 Tesla vehicles, in comparison, cost $600 a month in electricity for fuel, resulting in about a 9x greater cost for the gas cars and trucks that are still on the police force.

There are a lot of police agencies that Tesla vehicles could work for, says Bertram, one of the Officers in the Bargersville Police Department.

One thing is for certain, a Tesla Cybertruck is the ultimate police car - however, its cost will need to come down to be viable for most police departments.

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What do you think of the Bargersville Police Department using Tesla vehicles? Is this proving to be a wise choice?

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Image Credit/Reference: WRTV