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2023 Tesla Model Y Performance Review: Ludicrous!

We have an owner of a 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance in Australia and he shares his review: Ludicrous!

Tesla Model Y Performance in Australia

This is a Tesla Model Y performance from 2023 in Australia. It should be easy to make a performance SUV. Give it a high output battery and motors, right? Yes, that is a big part of it, but there is a lot more going on with the car underneath. Is this car worth the money? Is it taking over Australia?

This is not a cheap Tesla. The Base Model Y costs about $95,000 in Australia with all available upgrades. The car doesn't look any different from the long range on the outside. This vehicle had the 21-inch wheels. It's actually a little lower than the Model Y long range.

There is a large screen in the middle with a spacious interior and a panoramic glass roof. The real sell is the software that Tesla offers. It has by far the best software in the car and the best phone app for managing the car.

The inside is simple and looks like a simple Apple Store. The inside is very minimal. There isn't a view beyond the steering wheel to see speed and other metrics, so you have to look over at the center screen to see how fast you are going.

Because the Tesla Model Y performance doesn't look much different than the long range, that may turn off some buyers, however, when you drive the vehicle, it's much different. It is much bigger than the Model 3.

This owner likes the center screen and the software experience. It is very responsive. When you are driving, it is much harder to use, however. There are a lot of little things to use, like the air conditioning/temperature controls.

There is a lot of room in the back with USB ports. I remember sitting in a Model Y in the back and I had plenty of room, and I am 6'4''. There is no center console in the back, however. There appears to be no way to charge using V12 to power external devices via the charging port.

The back has 854 Liters of space with an abundance of storage. There is improved suspension and brakes, along with two motors - one in the front and one in the back. It has a 3.7 0-60 mph.

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The vehicle is very fast. You get a new ride. There is a new version of the suspension in the Model Y performance. It is also more comfortable to sit in than the Model 3. I agree with this. I have a Model 3 RWD, which I love, but it isn't as roomy as the Model Y.

The handling of the car is out of this world. It is 1,997 kg, but has torque technology that can adjust any of its 4 wheels at any point in time. The car will adjust things in real-time and on the go, and you can feel the computers putting the car straight. I agree with this, and my Model 3 RWD does the same thing.

There are 3 adjustable regenerative modes. Full stop mode will max out the regen and allow you to single pedal drive. The steering is a little weird, and you get a lot of feedback on the steering wheel. It doesn't feel real because it isn't a manual drive. Tesla is constantly doing things to keep the vehicle driving straight.

The battery size is unknown, but it is much more than the Model Y standard range. Charging is 250 kW at Tesla Superchargers. You can get most of your battery charged in about 30 minutes.

Tesla is unlocking its Superchargers to other brands, but it hasn't done that in Australia yet. On a slower charge, you can get 11 kW charging at slow charging, which is fine if you are shopping somewhere for a few hours.

Tesla vehicles have an unprecedented number of cameras and sensors, along with safety features. The car is constantly observing the environment. It gives you confidence that the car is building an accurate picture of the world around you. Tesla ranks high in safety ratings and have maximum safety ratings.

Tesla has an 80,000 KM warranty and a drive unit/battery warranty at 160,000 KM. Tesla's have conditioned base servicing and will tell you when it's time to take your car in for service.

This is a performance car - the ultimate gadget on 4 wheels, with speed, handling, and the best software in the business. People are having to wait a long time to get it. Would you get this vehicle in Australia?

For more information, see this video from CarsGuide:

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