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Toyota Tacoma Fatal Design Flaw Revealed

Here’s an informative reveal about a fatal flaw this model of Toyota Tacoma has that should make used car buyers wary of what they might be getting into when buying one. Plus, a preventive fix in case your Tacoma has this potential problem and has not blown up yet.

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The Toyota Maintenance YouTube Channel Warning

Thinking about buying a used Tacoma because you have heard so much positive news about the model? Well, you just might want to think a little deeper about that choice as it turns out not all Tacoma models are equally well built or designed.

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That was the warning message in a recent Toyota Maintenance YouTube channel episode where the host---Peter---discusses one fatal flaw in Tacoma’s with the Toyota 2.7 2TR-FE engine: plastic engine parts that can cause the engine to self-destruct on its owner.

The Engine Problem

The Toyota vehicle presented by Peter is a 2007 Tacoma PreRunner SR5 model with two-wheel drive and a 4-cylinder 2.7 2TR-FE engine, which he states has “…a deadly design flaw on that engine” that can result in catastrophic failure and destruction. This destruction is the result of sudden coolant loss that can result in an engine overheating so rapidly that the owner does not have time to respond quick enough to save his vehicle’s motor.

The Value of this Video

In the video you will find out:

• Where to look for and how to recognize the developing problem
• Why “good” plastic is not good enough for an engine environment
• Where the offending plastic part is located
• The fix for the plastic part before it becomes a problem
• The part number, price, and name of the replacement part
• How complex the fix is

Fatal Design Flaw with Toyota 2.7 2TR-FE Engine

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