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Toyota Prius Auxiliary Battery Info You Need to Know

Does your Prius sweat on the inside? Could it be a habitat for mosquitoes? Are you using the wrong auxiliary battery? This and more in an informative Toyota Prius auxiliary battery need to know info article for owners and shoppers of used Prius models.

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You Will Want to Know About This Prius Oddity

If you are having electrical problems with your Prius, there could be a simple explanation for the problem---excessive moisture near the auxiliary battery.

In a recent Toyota Maintenance YouTube channel episode, the host---Peter---does a show and tell of a 2nd generation 2005 Prius that has at least one oddity to it---an auxiliary battery compartment known to trap rain and carwash water.

In the video you will find out just how bad the problem can be and why you need to be aware of the potential for it in a 2nd generation Prius.

Not only that, but you will also learn that you might be mistakenly using the wrong battery for your Prius just because the correct battery available for it today might not fit in the original battery compartment.

Follow along as Peter shows what he found in a previously Government-owned Prius a new owner bought used, plus some additional Prius-related need to know info that can come in handy for Prius owners.

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Toyota Prius Aux Battery Myths and Facts

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