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Insider Secrets and Tips to Shopping at Harbor Freight: Part 2

Here’s the second installment of insider secrets and tips to shopping at Harbor Freight to get the best deals possible; some controversial points from the first video installment; and what employees say about dumpster diving at HF.

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When it comes to Harbor Freight related tools and shopping advice, readers and viewers benefit from the candor and experience of the DIY with Dave YouTube channel where the host provides his insight into how Harbor Freight works and what it means to shoppers looking for tools that are affordable and perform well.

The biggest benefit by far is that DIY with Dave shows that you do not have to (and shouldn’t) spend a lot of money on name-brand tools that often just aren’t that much better.

According to this second installment from the DIY with Dave YouTube channel:

Harbor Freight is a great place to buy tools, but let's face it—Harbor Freight can be a confusing mix of coupons, club memberships, and other shopping tactics that can leave you scratching your head wondering if you are getting the best deal. That's where I come in! I reached out to a bunch of current and former Harbor Freight employees to unearth the insider secrets that'll supercharge your next visit to Harbor Freight.”

More Good Advice from DIY with Dave

Follow along with Dave in this video posted below in which Dave (as he revealed in his 1st installment 4 weeks ago) will, “…cover everything from coupons, returns, warranties, clearance items, and even some surprising insights about what happens to damaged inventory,” promises the video’s host.

In this video you will discover how to apply some finesse to your Harbor Freight shopping by knowing about:

  • Buying tools without paying sales tax. Really!
  • A Harbor Freight coupon hack that you can take advantage of.
  • The real color code regarding Harbor Freight price tag deals and non-deals.
  • Why you should check “tag stacking.”
  • The fact that employees have selling power that you can benefit from.
  • How that price matching at Harbor Freight differs a little from other stores.
  • Why Harbor Freight does not “own” the tools’ manufacturing companies.
  • What brand names really amount to and why looking for the “brand code” is important.
  • The truth about Pittsburgh tool quality and how that it is about Harbor Freight strategy.
  • Their 30-day purchase price tag deal.
  • That Harbor Freight DOES have a lifetime warranty that shoppers mistakenly do not take advantage of.
  • The truth about whether extended warranties are really worth it or not.
  • The best times to shop at Harbor Freight are not necessarily what you may think.

Controversial Points to Harbor Freight

  • How and why Harbor Freight overlooks abuse of their tool rental policy.
  • Harbor Freight’s tool theft and robbery problem.
  • The pros and cons of dumpster diving and if it really is worth it.
  • An easy way to find out if that Harbor Freight “Inside Track” membership did pay for itself for you this past year.

The Harbor Freight Video We’ve Been Waiting For

Here is the video that is just as good if not better than the 1st installment that we have been waiting patiently for:

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