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This Dealership Recently Caught Scamming Car Buyers with Odometer Fraud

Have you bought a used car recently, but feel like the car might have more mileage on it than listed on the bill of sale? Your intuition just might be correct if you have ever bought a used car from this recently busted dealership.


Odometer Fraud in the News

According to a recent news story today, more car customers are coming forward after discovering that the used cars they bought turned out to have roughly 70,000 more miles on it than what the odometer showed and dealership claimed the used vehicles to have upon purchase.

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This information comes from a news story today from WRTV in Indianapolis, IN that is a continuation of an earlier report about KBB Auto Sales, LCC located at 1325 W. Troy Avenue in Indianapolis that was visited by State Police last week who impounded at least four vehicles suspected of odometer tampering by the dealership.

What led to the investigation and impounding was a complaint from a used car customer who found of all things---a service sticker from another dealership in the car showing an odometer reading that was much higher than the reading at time of sale shortly after servicing. The complainant went online and found further evidence of odometer fraud and reported it to the police.

Here is a video of the original news story om March 16, 2022:

Indianapolis car dealership under investigation for odometer fraud

More Scammed Car Customers Coming Forward

Here is a video of today’s (March 24, 2022) news story about how that more car customers are coming forward after discovering the scam and that they too were victims of odometer fraud by the same dealership.

Another person accuses Indianapolis dealership of odometer fraud

Odometer Fraud Method and Help

According to reports about the odometer fraud, the dealership used lower mileage odometers from wrecked vehicles and installed them into higher mileage vehicles sold on their lot.

If you think that you may have bought a vehicle from this dealership, authorities ask that you contact the Indiana State Police at (812) 248-4392. In addition, car customers can also file a complaint by clicking here.

For more about what happened, here is a Steve Lehto YouTube video about the odometer scam and his take on how it is a known fact that some dealerships are still resorting to this type of scam today.

Troopers Impound Dealer Cars for Odometer Fraud

And finally…

For additional info about odometer fraud, here is an informative article that offers more details about how this happens to used car buyers: “The Most Important Used Car Scam Everyone Should Be Aware About.”

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

Image Source: Pixabay