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A Car Thieves Glitter Bomb Christmas Story

Here’s a different type of Christmas story that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as one creative engineer shares his fight “Home Alone“ Christmas-style to thwart porch thieves, car thieves and other sticky finger style bandits. Plus, discover why you should not hide your shopping items in the truck of your car.

Steet Justice Payback
In an earlier article we learned about how some car owners are resorting to booby trapping their vehicles to prevent theft and exact a little revenge on the criminally minded. However, from that article we also learned that street justice can too easily backfire and legally make a victim out of a criminal.

Be that as it may, however, you have to give kudos to a creative engineer who did his own “Take a Bite Out of Crime” by creating not one…not two…not even just three glitter bombs models, but five! Of which, it turns out resulted in the capture of some criminals and may have made an impact on deterring would-be criminals and saving at least some of the law-abiding public from a growing crime problem.

The Value of This Video
Aside from the sheer entertainment joy the video---courtesy of the Mark Rober YouTube channel---below provides, it also reveals how some criminals operate when it comes to stealing from cars that can help prepare car owners to take their own measures to avoid becoming a victim or a the very least lessen the harm done to their cars and their wallets.

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That said and done, here is the video in its entirety that is well worth watching over yet another “Home Alone” Christmas marathon on TV.

Car Thieves vs the Final GlitterBomb 5.0

And finally…

As a final thought, please note that in the video had the toddler shown wound up with "fart spray" in his eyes, the prank would definitely have turned into a winnable lawsuit.

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Image Source: Pixabay