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Best Car Wheel Theft Deterrent Lug Nut

Find out now which brand of locking lug nuts is the best in a review that says there’s only one real winner among some brands tested. Plus, discover some creative ways to fail a locking lug nut (in an emergency of course) and find out what wheel rim style type makes theft easier than other rim types.

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Wheel Theft Problem

In earlier articles we’ve discussed how catalytic converter theft is a major problem for many car owners. Not only is it the loss of the catalytic converter, but the damage done to your car as well, that will need fixing and will cost you a lot of money.

However, a lesser in-the-news item concerning cars is that of wheel theft.

When it comes to your wheels, you can easily spend $400 or more per tire on a new of tires; however, couple that with the loss of the rims as well to the criminally minded, and we’re talking about a crime that can set you back thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, many car owners do not concern themselves with protecting their wheels from theft until they become a victim of the crime. And the crazy thing about it is that some locking lug nuts are not as secure as marketers would have you think.

Case in point: A recent review by the Project Farm YouTube channel where the host shows that with some brands of locking lug nuts all it takes is a pair of vice grips to defeat some brands.

Follow along with the host in a short video where he tests a few brands using:

• Locking pliers
• A wheel lock extractor
• An oversized lug socket
• A universal socket
• A portable welder

What you will see is that only one of the brands tested offers satisfactory wheel protection from theft.

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Best Car Wheel Theft Deterrent Lug Nut? Can Any Wheel Lock Prevent Theft? Let’s find out!

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