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Best Automatic Transmission Fluid for Your Ford or GM Vehicle Revealed

Does price mean anything when it comes to choosing which automatic transmission fluid to use in your car? Find out now not whether paying more is really getting more with this synthetic ATF fluid comparison that demonstrates a clear difference between cheaper, midrange, and more expensive brands.


Choosing Your Automatic Transmission Fluid

In earlier articles we’ve learned that despite what auto manufacturers would have you believe, having your automatic transmission fluid changed at least once (every 30,000 miles is the prevalent recommendation by experts today) during the lifetime of your car can significantly increase the life expectancy of your car’s transmission.

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In today’s article we will find out if there is a difference between synthetic automatic transmission fluids that range from $8 to $23 per quart when pitted against one another in a series of tests and some chemical analysis to determine which may be the best for your car or truck.

Follow along with the Project Farm YouTube channel host in this recent video that demonstrates a clear winner that you should really consider insisting on having your mechanic use the next time you have your automatic transmission fluid changed.

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And finally…

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