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Avoid This High-Performance Parts Scam on Your Toyota

Are aftermarket high-performance parts a good way to either upgrade or replace reputedly non-available OEM parts for your Toyota? Find out how one Toyota owner had to get a second new clutch installed after only 1000 miles. Plus, a rare opportunity to see a pre-Tundra T-100 Toyota truck from the ‘90s.

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A Warning to Car Repair Owners

This is one of those less-insidious, but nevertheless aggravating scams that car repair customers occasionally face unknowingly---being told a replacement part is not available…but…but lucky you, are told that there is a non-OEM high-performance replacement available that will fit and do the same job. Maybe even better! Of course it will cost you more than the original…IF there was one available.

A recent Car Care Nut YouTube video was the genesis of this topic as the host discussed one Toyota T-100 owner who was told an OEM clutch was unavailable, but could be substituted with an aftermarket high-performance clutch.

As it turns out, that high-performance clutch worked the way it should---but not for the type of vehicle it was placed into. High-performance clutches---like many high-performance parts---are really only intended for the driving demands of racing vehicles. The owner of the T-100 discovered too late that a high-performance clutch made for a miserable driving experience in his beloved old truck.

High-Performance is Overkill for Most Vehicles

Part of the problem is that many of us mistakenly believe if anything is high-performance that it is a good way to upgrade your vehicle. In some cases, you might see a slight improvement, but if the part does not match the application, it is like taking too many expensive vitamins---you are pissing away your money.

In other words, buying expensive parts not designed for your driving needs and your vehicle is a common mistake car owners make that results in their wallet slimming down with no improvement to their ride.

Car Care Nut Video

Follow along with the host as he discusses his customer’s mistake in believing from the original mechanic that the OEM part he needed was no longer available and not bothering to research the veracity of the claim. In truth, despite the age of the vehicle the cheaper OEM part was still available.

TOYOTA OWNERS! Never Make THIS Mistake When Buying Parts!

And finally…

The lesson here is that car owners need to do a little research on their own when it comes to claims that a part is no longer made or is unavailable for a repair. Oftentimes parts truly are discontinued---even in cars that are not very old. However, I have found that often hard-to-find parts are still out there if you ask the right person.

In other words, shop around at different auto parts stores and ask them to help you locate a part. You would be surprised at many times someone knows someone who still carries the elusive part you need stuffed away on a shelf collecting dust.

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

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Image Source: Pexels

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