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Tesla Vehicle Saves Yet Another Driver's Life

Tesla continues to show that its cars are some of the safest out there. Tesla vehicles have saved the lives of many drivers in severe accidents

A twitter user named Paul Taylor got into a bad accident in his Tesla. Paul ended up in the hospital in poor condition, but it’s very likely he wouldn’t be alive if he wasn’t driving a Tesla.

Detailing the accident

This accident was caused by a truck driver who switched into Paul’s lane. The driver of the truck clearly didn’t see Paul, so as a result the truck driver hit the Tesla and caused the car to spin out. Paul’s Tesla did a 360 into oncoming traffic and suffered some significant damage. It was also said that Paul hit another truck in the process. We don’t have video footage of the crash, so it isn’t clear if the second truck was part of the oncoming traffic or if it was driving alongside Paul.

Why the car was able to protect the driver

The rear of the car suffered a lot of damage, but the driver’s door was left intact. Tesla makes its cars with a very unique design. A Tesla is built to look almost like a skateboard underneath the body. The battery pack and motor are placed near the wheels which helps keep the cabin insulated. This chassis is also made to be extremely rigid.

Downsides to crashing a Tesla

Tesla makes some of the safest cars on the road, but it does come at a cost. The parts are expensive and can take a long time to arrive. This can be an inconvenience for a driver who needs the car and doesn’t want to be saddled with a loaner car for many days or even weeks. However, this is a small price to pay since Tesla makes vehicles that can keep drivers alive as they endure some of the worst accidents.

Paul says he will buy another Tesla in the future. Also, check out another article about Tesla’s FSD system saving someone’s life.

Image: Tesla

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