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You won’t see this 296 hp Subaru sports wagon at the track

Subaru will launch the 2015 Levorg sports tourer in the UK this fall. Don’t look for the sporty wagon in U.S. showrooms.


If Subaru were to launch the new 2015 Levorg 2.0 GT-S sports tourer in the U.S. , it would likely be a huge hit with performance fans. The new sports tourer is launching in the UK and will be in dealer showrooms this fall. The sports wagon has been a big hit in its home country and should be a favorite with UK buyers who like their sports wagons. Performance fans in the U.S. can only look and not touch.

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The new Subaru Levorg launched in Japan in June of last year and is now making its way to Europe. Levorg is the newest launch for the Japanese automaker and embodies the new generation of Subaru technology. The sporty wagon features the most advanced safety technology on the planet including the new generation EyeSight.

Two engine options for Levorg

Subaru launched Levorg in two models. The standard Levorg sports tourer is available along with the new sportier performance model LEVORG 2.0 GT-S. The standard model comes with a 1.6-liter horizontally-opposed direct injection turbo "DIT" Engine. The new smaller 1.6-liter engine produces an impressive 125kW (168 hp) and 250Nm (184 lb. ft torque).

Levorg 2.0 GT-S

Subaru also launched the new Levorg 2.0 GT-S and it’s powered by Subaru’s new 2.0-liter Boxer engine that made its debut in the 2014 Forester XT and now in the 2015 WRX and WRX STI Type S. The 2.0 engine will also be a boxer direct injection turbocharged "DIT" engine. Subaru announced the Levorg’s 2.0-liter engine would produce 221kW (296 hp) and torque that reaches 400N (295 lb. ft).

Levorg S Concept

Subaru unveiled the Levorg S Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon that will likely never see production. It had special STI intake and exhaust parts that bump up the horsepower in the 2.0-liter direct injection turbo engine. It employed a WRX STI-sourced 6-speed manual gearbox and other unique STI parts such as a tower bar, sport-tuned suspension and aero body kit. This is one performance enthusiasts would like to see produced.

The 2015 Subaru Levorg sports tourer will make its way to the UK this fall. The Japanese automaker has no plans to bring the sporty wagon to the U.S. market. Performance fans in North America can look but not touch.