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Why is Subaru So Loved By Their Fans?

How does Subaru treat their loyal fans in Japan? By taking them to a secret research facility in the mountains of Japan for a fun day with their cars.

It’s a top secret research facility for Subaru where they test vehicles like the 2016 Subaru WRX STI performance sedan and all future vehicles and prototypes. The Japanese automaker opens it up once a year and treats fans to a fun day at the secure site. It’s how Subaru rewards their loyal customers. In North America, Subaru of America talks about owners loving their cars. It also happens half way around the globe in Japan.

Subaru’s Fan Day

Fuji Heavy Industries’ Subaru Studies Research Center (known as SKC) is where Subaru tests all their vehicles before they make it to production. This includes prototypes they don’t want outsiders to see. This is the place where Subaru brings their loyal fans for a fun day called Fan Day.

Not many people get to drive on this private track that’s located in Yubinbango, Tochigi Japan. Fans brought their cars to the test facility and joined in the activities Subaru put on this weekend. Subaru brings their classic rally motorsport cars from the past, and cars like the Subaru 360 that started it all for the brand.

It’s locked and guarded 24/7

Subaru knows how to do it right as fans gather for a full day of fun at the private track. Not many people ever get to see the research center as it’s kept locked and guarded behind a secure fence. Fans get to drive their vehicles on a parade run around the track following the historic Subaru WRX STI rally cars. There’s also many successive generations of Subaru cars on hand. Fans also get to check out a museum on the property with many of Subaru’s original cars.

Subaru had record sales for the fourth year in-a-row and expect to hit over 1 million units worldwide this year for the first time in their history. By global standards, they are a small automaker compared to the big players. They go farther to connect with their customers than most other brands. Subaru WRX STI enthusiasts are the most passionate about their cars. There were many there for Subaru’s Fan Day. They let them experience the past, present and future of the brand at their secret test track in Japan.

Source: Subaru

Photo used with permission from Subaru


Oliver L. Stewart (not verified)    April 18, 2016 - 3:29PM

I really like my 2014 Outback 2.5I Premium. But with it being under two years since I took delivery it is being taken in for it's second oil consumption test in less than six months.This is the forth time of a problem with the low oil light coming on. And this time it was less than 2000 miles since the last oil change and service. Just 15000 miles on the vehicle .