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What do Gigi And the New BMW M2 Have in Common? [Video]

Can you keep your eyes on Gigi in the new 2016 BMW M2 Coupe?

What does Gigi and the new BMW M2 Coupe have in common? They are both hot new models that 25-35 year-old males enjoy. Gigi Hadid, the young talented model joins up with BMW and the new M2 Coupe for a unique marketing video. There’s actually 5 BMW M2s and you have to pick which one you think she’s riding in.

BMW is attracting a new generation of buyers with the M2 and Gigi is proof the Bavarian automaker understands who their audience is. The video is geared toward young males age 25-35 who like high-performance cars and pretty women.

We aren’t sure BMW needs to do any more marketing, because the M2 is already a huge success with buyers around the globe. The M2 is sold out in most global markets and there’s a waiting line until late 2016 or early 2017 for buyers to get the new performance coupe.

In the high-octane video, Gigi says, “This is the first-ever BMW M2, but you’re looking at me right now, aren’t you? Good,” she seductively says. She gets in one of M2s and they are off to the races. It’s up to you to figure out which Long Beach Blue 2016 BMW M2 she’s riding in. Checkout the video below and see if you can guess which M2 the 21 year-old model is in. Go to to get more info.

Source: BMW

Image source: BMW