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Watch Subaru Forester Extreme Off-Roading Subariada Style [Video]

The Subaru Forester is a popular all-wheel-drive vehicle all over the globe. Watch the Subariada group take an extreme off-road trip into Georgia.

Subaru enthusiasts are the same all over the globe. They love to take their vehicles for adventures off-road. Here’s a group of Polish Subaru Forester fans called Subariada, who take regular trips to get a away from civilization.

These European Subaru Forester owners take part in Subariada, and this is trip number seven for the group. Their road trips explore new countries and beautiful sights off the beaten track. Their seventh trip took them to the mountains of Georgia at the end of 2016.

The four Subaru Forester owners take their vehicles though some extreme locations in George, which is located south of the Russian border next to Turkey. The mountains are high and the views are beautiful.

Many of the roads in this part of the world are not paved and it’s a perfect place to drive their all-wheel-drive Forester SUVs. They take the multi-purpose vehicles through rivers, over high one-lane mountain passes and through narrow canyons. In some places, the Foresters X-Mode is needed as the vehicles navigate the rocky terrain.

Subaru’s all-wheel-drive vehicles have a reputation as go-anywhere work horses and Forester leads the way for the brand. Subaru Forester features an extreme off-road system called X-Mode on their fourth generation small SUV that is used for extreme off road situations like these. The four owners put their SUVs through extreme situations where the Forester shines.

Watch the extreme off-roading Subariada style video

Photo credit: Subaru Polska