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Watch Ridiculously Impressive Subaru Legacy Conquer Moab’s Hell’s Revenge Trail [Video]

Watch as a 2011 Subaru Legacy 3.6R sedan with a few modifications, conquers Moab’s Hell’s Revenge Trail.

Subaru is known for their multi-purpose all-wheel-drive vehicles, but not for conquering some of the toughest terrain on the planet. You would expect a Jeep to be up to the challenge of Moab’s Hell’s Revenge Trail, but you don’t see many Subaru Legacy sedans tackling the huge boulders and tough terrain.

What makes this Subaru Legacy’s feat even more impressive, is the amount of modifications it took for the sedan to conquer the huge boulder on the trail. R. Christopher Sven says he created the video below to “show the naysayers what a Subaru can do.”

The only modifications made to the 2011 3.6R Subaru Legacy sedan with standard Symmetrical AWD was 2013 Subaru Outback struts and 1/2" strut top spacers. He says other mods included 225-65-17 oversized tires, Outback OEM rear upper control arms and subframe spacers. All the Outback parts bolted right on tot he Legacy.

A custom front bumper was installed using the factory unit and modified by cutting four and a half inches off the middle, and plastic welding the lower part back on, making it look stock. Sven says he finished the project by adding racing skid plates and a 12-inch extension to the front with a reinforcement bar welded behind.

Equally impressive, is Sven is a dental tech when he’s not keeping up with his buddies’ Jeeps in Moab. He says, “I’m not a mechanic but I love to tinker with things and this was one of my projects.” This 2011 Subaru Legacy 3.6R is ridiculously impressive as it conquers Moab’s Hell’s Revenge Trail.

Watch Moab Utah, Hell's Revenge Trail in a Subaru video

Photo: R. Christopher Sven