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Watch a Nissan GT-R Absolutely Destroy the Quarter Mile Record [Video]

Watch this insane Nissan GT-R destroy the quarter mile record in amazing run down the strip. [video]

Whenever you set a new record in anything, it’s a great achievement. The team of EKanoo Racing managed that feat because its Nissan GT-R managed to break the quarter mile record and become the fastest car on the drag strip.

It was set last weekend at BDRC round one, when their Nissan GTR reset its own world record with a 7.168 seconds at 209 mph run, which began with a new personal best 60 foot of 1.208.

It’s suspected that the insane GT-R Godzilla is pumping out somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,200hp. “Our team has worked overtime on new developments for this car in the offseason and we are just now scratching the surface of what this new setup is capable of.” they said.

Watch the EKanoo Racing Nissan GT-R absolutely destroy the quarter mile record video.

Source: EKanooRacingTV

Photo: EKanoo Racing