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Watch Horrific Crash as BMW M3 Hits a Taxi Broadside [Video]

This video shows how not to drive a high-performance BMW M3. Power and stupid don’t mix well.

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Just because someone can afford a BMW M3, doesn’t mean they are smart enough to drive one. In the video below, this M3 driver is driving the high-performance M3 too fast through the streets of Taiwan. He hits speeds of up to 148km/h (91mph). Before the horrific accident, the driver is likely showing off his new M3 to his female passenger. It’s not a good combination and it doesn’t end well.

The video shows the driver smoking something as he steps on the gas and flies past cars and motorcycles on the narrow Taiwan streets. He makes dangerous moves weaving in-and-out of traffic and the BMW’s brakes slow him down for a stop light. What happens next is not good.

As he speeds away from the light, a yellow taxi decides to make an illegal move making a U-turn from the right lane across the double yellow lines right in front of the M3. The girl screams and the car slams right into the side of the taxi. We don’t know if anyone was injured or killed, but it’s a good example of how not to drive a high-performance car. Watch the video below and see what this stupid driver does.

This shows how a dumb decision to show off in a high-performance car can result in serious injury. We hope the taxi driver was not killed or seriously injured in the horrific crash. The driver of the BMW M3 and passenger were likely saved by the airbags in the performance sedan. It’s a good lesson for anyone who owns a performance machine on how not to drive. Two wrong choices made for a bad scene on the streets of Taiwan.

Source: demigrancias

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