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Video: Watch a BMW 3 Series owner crash hard into a hillside

Watch a driver take his BMW E92 3 Series and drive it up a hillside and flip over hard.


There’s some drivers that shouldn't have a drivers license let alone drive a performance car like the BMW 3 Series. A video captured the driver making a stupid mistake while excellerating around a tight corner. The crash occurred on Mulholland Drive in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains west of LA.

The driver of the black 3 Series coupe loses control of the vehicle and crashes spectacularly, flipping the car over and it lands on its side. The driver escapes through the sunroof and appears to be unhurt. The driver of the BMW says he slid on water, but the road appears completely dry. Watch the spectacular crash below.

Onlookers who were there watching, rush to the crash and the driver looks shaken up after he flips his BMW. The car is badly damaged in the front and on the driver’s side and will be in the body shop for weeks. It doesn’t even look like he turns off the engine and oil and coolant is spilled all over the pavement. He probably destroyed the engine in the process and will need major engine repairs.

A tow truck arrives and pulls the BMW E92 3 Series on two wheels and it’s able to be towed away. We don’t see any police at the scene and this driver likely escapes without getting a ticket. He should lose his license and have to take a driver education course on how to drive. Does BMW encourage dangerous driving with their ads?

Media source: RNickeyMouse