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Watch BMW M4 vs Toyota Tacoma in a snowy tug-of-war [video]

Watch a BMW M4 vs 2009 Toyota Tacoma in a tug of war in the snow. It should be no contest, right?


Watch two helicopter pilots with too much money and time take a 2009 Toyota Tacoma vs a BMW M4 in a snowy tug of war. The Tacoma is fitted with 33-inch wheels, a 3-inch lift and the prize is a 2015 Playboy Bunny calendar. The BMW M4 has winter tires and a girl that weighs 150 lbs in the trunk.

The first to pull the other past a shoe in the road wins the big prize. Taking a four-wheel-drive truck vs a two-wheel-rear-drive performance car should be no problem. Watch and see what happens

The M4 is facing uphill and the Tacoma has to do more work in the snow. It takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds for the Tacoma to pull the M4 about two feet to win the competition. Bryan, the Tacoma driver says, “That took a lot longer than expected, Holy Cow!”

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To make matters worse, Nick gets his new Red M4 stuck in the snow as they are leaving. The Tacoma does need to pull him out at this point. These two pilots should stick to flying.


Michaelbap (not verified)    July 7, 2019 - 4:19PM

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