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Watch Blockhead Crash His New Pure Red Subaru WRX STI as the Camera Catches Everything

Watch a moron driver crash his new Pure Red Subaru WRX STI as the camera catches everything.

Here’s a perfect example of why buying a new rally-bred 2017 Subaru WRX STI doesn’t mean you have the skills of a rally driver. Check out the video below of a blockhead driver, who thinks he’s David Higgins driving for Subaru Rally Team USA. He takes out his new Pure Red WRX STI on a two-lane road and trashes the new sports car with “EXOTIK” on the car’s license plate.

The original video was taken down by YouTuber RuslanXRustamov shortly after he posted it, and for good reason. It would have given the cops all the "ammunition" they needed to charge this guy with multiple counts of traffic violations for all the laws he broke. But thanks to Mark Danger for reposting it for all to see. In the video below you can see he’s speeding going 80-100 mph on a two-lane road, passing cars on a double yellow, and overall being a menace on the road. Luckily he’s in a remote area with few cars on the road that day and no-one was hurt.

That’s all before he takes a corner too fast, looses control of the STI and puts the performance car into the trees. He was lucky he didn’t hurt more than the car and his ego. He can thank Subaru that he wasn’t seriously injured. The Subaru brand has the safest cars on the planet and the WRX STI comes wrapped in a ring-shaped reinforcement frame used in all Subaru vehicles protecting the occupants. It could have saved his life.

Check out the video below to see how not to drive a 2017 Subaru WRX STI on a twisty road somewhere in Oregon. The driver wasn’t too bright when he mounted a camera on the passenger seat and filmed the stupid event for the world to see him trash his new Pure Red WRX STI. His new STI will likely be totaled and his insurance premiums are about to go through the roof.

Watch Crashed My Brand New Subaru WRX STI video.

Photo and video credit: Mark Danger