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Watch 360 degree video onboard the Subaru WRX STI on clay at Charlotte

Check out this interactive 360 degree video onboard the Subaru WRX STI Global Rallycross car at Charlotte.

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Fans have to wait until May to see the Global Rallycross cars in action again, but you can see some GRC racing from last year’s round five onboard the 2014 Subaru STI. Normally Global Rallycross cars run on 70 percent pavement and 30 percent dirt, but at Charlotte GRC, it’s a different story. Last year’s GRC round five took the cars to The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway where the Subaru team of Lasek and Isachsen took on Ken Block and the rest of the GRC cars.

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Use your Chrome browser or the Android YouTube app in this interactive 360 degree video from onboard the 2014 Subaru STI. Watch Subaru Rally Team USA’s Bucky Lasek during round 5 of the 2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross season.

Most of the drivers seem to favor the 70 percent dirt track as it enabled them to “get loose” in the dirt surface. The rains caused severe ruts and changed the conditions. Things dried out as the fast cars raced throughout the day on Saturday.

The 2014 Subaru WRX STI driven by Sverre Isachsen can’t catch Block but finishes second overall at GRC Charlotte. This had been his best result thus far in 2014. Bucky Lasek, who won Silver at GRC X Games, couldn’t overcome his last row start and finished sixth in the Final. It was a good day for Isachsen at The Dirt Track in Charlotte. The first race of the GRC 2015 season is May 31 at Tampa Florida. Stay tuned.

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