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Three things that make the 2015 Subaru BRZ a special sports car

The new 2015 Subaru BRZ is ready to launch and there are three things that make it a special sports car.

When many new two-door sports cars focus on more power, luxury and more performance, the Subaru BRZ stays light, agile and inexpensive for driving enthusiasts. Many sports cars are getting bigger, heavier and more expensive. Subaru has approached the sports car market in a different way and it makes the 2015 BRZ a special car for the masses.

Yes, many BRZ fans want to see a turbocharged STI model, but BRZ still remains a great sports car with the naturally aspirated 2.0-liter 200 horsepower Boxer engine. What makes it a great drivers sports car?

BRZ is lightweight

The 2015 Subaru BRZ is lightweight and weighs in at just 2762 lbs. Subaru uses a high-tensile steel throughout the cars body and chassis in order to keep it light. They also use an aluminum hood to reduce weight. This is one of the main factors that makes the 2015 BRZ agile.

A low center of gravity

Also critical in it’s handling dynamics is the BRZ has one of the lowest centers of gravity of any production car in the world at just 18.1 inches. This is because of Subaru’s Boxer engine design with its inherently low height and its mass concentrated low in the chassis. It contributes to all Subaru’s having this important characteristic, but BRZ takes maximum advantage of this.

Short and compact design

BRZ uses a front engine rear-drive configuration that allows placement of the engine lower and farther back in the BRZ than in any other Subaru model in the lineup. This helps BRZ to attain the best possible center of gravity and “polar moment of inertia.” The BRZ Boxer engine is moved closer to the center of the chassis and this helped make the Subaru BRZ very compact, at just 167 inches long on a 101 inch wheelbase. This is another factor that contributes to BRZ's great handling characteristics.

Subaru engineers were able to achieve its ultra-low center of gravity by making the engine as a whole more compact. This was achieved by adopting a shorter intake manifold, shorter exhaust manifold and a shallower oil pan. Other factors contribute like locating under hood components to optimize the car's balance, including tilting forward the radiator 17 degrees and moving the battery to the back of the engine compartment.

The new 2015 Subaru BRZ is lightweight, has an ultra low center of gravity and it has a compact design that makes it a great drivers car. It has the driving dynamics of much more expensive sports cars. The U.S. spec 2015 Subaru BRZ starts at $25,695 plus destination making it more fun per dollar than any other sports car on the planet.

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