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These Winter Driving Tips Could Keep You Alive in 2017 [Video]

Here’s good tips to know about winter driving that could keep you alive in 2017. Check out the short video.

We write a lot of about Subaru’s all-wheel-drive capabilities in the snow, and they will keep you out of the ditch. But you can still get in trouble, even with an AWD vehicle pulling all four wheels through the snow and ice. Ford put together a short video below showing drivers things everyone needs to know if you live in cold climates, or travel there for winter sports.

Some of these tips are just common sense, like not making quick or sudden maneuvers in snowy and icy conditions, including abrupt acceleration, braking, or steering. Other things like using the cruise control, could cause you to lose control, because tapping on the brakes to shut off the system, could cause the car to lose traction and skid out of control.

Drivers often don’t completely clean off their windshield, side windows and rear window and let the defroster do the work making it hard to see. Make sure you have tires with adequate tread for the conditions. Some states like Colorado, even have traction laws in effect in the high country.

Make sure to drive slower than you think would be needed, and keep extra distance between cars than you would on dry roads. On bridges and overpasses, be extra careful, as ice tends to form there first because the air underneath causes these road surfaces to ice up quicker.

If you do start to slide, do the opposite of what you would think. Turn into the slide, and keep your foot off the gas and brakes. The car will slowly correct itself and you can then get back on your track or steer to a spot on the road where there’s more traction.

Even if you drive an all-wheel-drive vehicle like a Subaru Forester, Outback or Crosstrek, these tips will help keep you safe, and could keep you alive in the snow and ice this winter.

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Photo credit: Subaru