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Subaru tops MINI and Honda in dealer-customer experience ranking

Subaru dealerships rank highest in the dealer-customer experience according to DealerRater. What brands did Subaru beat among non-luxury brands?


DealerRater, the car dealer review website for consumers, announced that Subaru and Lexus have received the highest ratings in customer satisfaction of all automotive manufacturers as part of the 2015 Consumer Rating Index (CRI). Subaru tops all automakers among “mass-market” or non-luxury brands and Lexus among all luxury brands.
To come up with the rankings, DealerRater looked at 416,000 reviews left by consumers in the 12 months ending March 31, 2015. The report says Subaru edged out Mini and Honda among mass-market brands. Subaru customers gave the brand’s dealerships 4.76 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Mini posted 4.75 stars, and Honda averaged 4.73 stars. Lexus customers rated their experiences an average of 4.82 stars, Mercedes-Benz achieved 4.78 stars, and Porsche 4.75.

CRI based on all levels of the buying experience  

The CRI index is based on DealerRater reviews over that time by consumers who purchased vehicles or received service at new car dealerships. DealerRater then calculates the CRI by averaging consumer ratings of individual dealerships posted on the company's website. Manufacturers can gauge their dealer customer satisfaction level with the competition. It’s based on all levels of the buying experience, including friendliness, price, customer service, quality of work, and the overall buying experience.
Subaru customers said they also want performance and value in their new all-wheel-drive vehicles. They want to know they are getting good value for money, and that’s exactly what they toldread more.
More consumers are using online reviews to get an idea which brand to look at when they are ready for that new car. DealerRater CEO Gary Tucker says, “Increasingly, reviews are a part of the buying process. The Consumer Rating Index allows car shoppers to evaluate how brands stack up against each other in terms of customer satisfaction at the dealership-level."
Not the first customer satisfaction award for Subaru
Subaru also has the most satisfied customers in Australia of any automaker. Subaru recorded perfect five-star ratings for overall customer satisfaction, value-for-money, point of sale service, after sale service, reliability and performance. In addition, Subaru also beat 11 other leading brands in Australia to win Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for Performance, incorporating all vehicle models. The brand again achieved a perfect five stars.
Subaru has created a niche market for the multi-purpose vehicles and consumers seem to be happy with the buying process at their dealerships. Subaru also has one of the highest customer retention rates in the auto industry and the number one ranking by DealerRater is another affirmation that the Subaru brand is doing things right most of the time.