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Subaru launches special edition Premium Sport Package BRZ

Subaru has released information on a new special edition 2014 Subaru BRZ "Premium Sport Package" that will launch later this year.

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Subaru keeps upgrading the basic BRZ performance two-door coupe, and announced a new special edition coming soon. Subaru Japan has announced a special edition 2014 Subaru BRZ "Premium Sport Package" that is based on the Japanese variant BRZ S. The new special edition coupe will launch in Japan in December. What will the new BRZ special edition be coming with?

The new BRZ "Premium Sport Package", is based on the Subaru BRZ "S" Torque News told you about back in July. This special model gets special equipment added to the interior and exterior, special specifications that Subaru says is prepared as a "sports car of the adult" with special high texture unique to the car.
The interior comes with moss green stitching along with the Tan leather on the door armrest and seat, with Alcantara and satin silver decorative on the side bolsters. The exterior gets special treatments to set it apart from the standard BRZ S. It also features a stop/stop engine switch.

The exterior features special edition black painted door mirrors and aluminum wheels, in an effort to tighten the impression form the outside. The engine /stop/start and aluminum wheels are manufactured by STI to give it an extra sporty feel inside and out.

The specifications for the new "Premium Sport Package" came from the "Subaru BRZ Premium Sport Package Concept that was unveiled at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013, which was held in January 2013. It’s also based on the BRZ S that was launched this summer.

The special edition variant will get the new S performance pack that comprises a long list of components that distinguish it from the standard BRZ. The 2014 BRZ S is track ready and includes front under, side, rear-side and boot lip spoilers, a flexible tower bar, lower coil spring set and 17-inch black STI alloy wheels. It will also feature an STI manual gear shift lever assembly, Duracon shift knob (manual-only), engine push-button start switch and rear under diffuser.

Subaru will launch the new special edition Japanese 2014 BRZ "Premium Sport Package" on December 26, 2013. We’ll keep you updated here on any new BRZ performance packages from STI coming to the U.S. market.

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