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Subaru launches 2014 LEVORG with these two unique features

The all-new 2014 Subaru LEVORG launches this week in Japan and is coming with two unique features.

Why should those in the U.S. care about the launch of the 2014 Subaru LEVORG that is only for the Japan and European markets? Because the sport tourer is coming with two unique features that we’ll see soon on many new Subaru multi-purpose vehicles. Subaru has always been about developing safety features that will make their cars the safest vehicles on the planet. They are also developing new powertrains that will be more fuel-efficient.

Subaru LEVORG is a sports tourer that offers Subaru’s latest safety and engine technology. The new LEVORG is launching this week in Japan first at the "Technology Exhibition 2014” held in Pacifico Yokohama May 21-23. It will also launch with a “LEVORG Driving Experience” that will take place across Japan for buyers to test drive the new Sports wagon. Prospective buyers can test LEVORG’s new evolution EyeSight safety system.

What sets this new safety system apart? It’s called "I-SITE” and it features a wide angle stereo camera that will capture more of the road and also comes with color recognition. It will be able to control steering in the event of a driver fails to brake the vehicle if it senses an impending crash. It can control vehicle speed with cruise control and pre-crash braking, and also features reverse suppression control mis-AT and active lane keeping assist systems. It does it through brake lamps recognition control providing an advanced preventive safety warning.

LEVORG also comes with Subaru’s newly developed 1.6-liter horizontally opposed direct injection turbo (DIT) engine. It combines direct injection turbo and a small displacement engine that provides both outstanding fuel efficiency and sporty performance. It has a a high compression ratio, but takes regular 87 octane gasoline by performing a dense knock control. It also is Subaru’s first engine to come with “idling stop" for improved fuel efficiency.

These two safety and engine technology features will make it to other new Subaru’s in the near future. The all-new 2014 Subaru LEVORG is launching first in Japan and will make it to European markets later this year. It’s a new sport tourer that embodies the new generation of Subaru, and features the most advanced safety technology on the planet. Now we need to lobby Subaru and have them offer the LEVORG sports wagon here in the U.S. Would anyone want to see a 300 hp LEVORG STI?

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