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Subaru Introduces High-Performance Business Helmet

Subaru just announced a new helmet for high-performance business enthusiasts. Is this thing for real?

It’s April Fools Day around the globe and Subaru is getting in on the act today. They just announced a new helmet for high-performance business use on their Facebook page. They even created a web page on their Global website for the new product. This isn’t the first time Subaru announced a spoof on April 1. They did it in 2013 when they put out a press release announcing a Twin-Turbo Diesel Hybrid BRZ AWD Convertible launching in 2015.

Today Subaru announces a new high-performance business helmet to honor April Fools Day 2016. It comes outfitted with full business specs. It’s ideal for Subaru WRX STI fans. It features a stereo camera unit, 3D image processing engine, image recognition software, human body control software and push start. On the inside, it comes with leather interior (antibacterial and deodorant interior), leather chin strap belt (automatic retractable), urethane ear covers, USB power (front 2 months) and auto air conditioner.

Exterior features

On the outside of the new helmet, it comes with automatic anti-glare shield, muffler cutter (dual), high beam assist, LED4 lights low beam + halogen high beam lamp, front and rear fog lamp, LED rear combination lamp, All Weather Pack (shield encounter Sir Super UV cut shield water-repellent shield) large WRX STI rear spoiler, rear bumper and aero dynamics.

Subaru being always concerned about safety, gives the helmet a stress reduction air bag, brake assist, brake override and emergency stop signal. It comes in three colors, WR Blue Pearl, Pure Red and Crystal White Pearl. The colors cost extra at 3,240 yen ($29 US). It comes in many popular sizes 54.55-56, 57-58, 59-60 and 61-62.

How much does it cost? Manufacturer’s suggested retail price 13,110 yen ($117 US). Add in a color and it's only $146 US. Not bad considering it comes with all this technology. We could see Subaru WRX STI enthusiasts getting into this helmet. Happy April Fools Day from Subaru.

Source: Subaru

Image source: Subaru

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Knew it was April Fools joke...but its just so moronic. Provide news not BS.