Subaru Forester, Nissan GT-R
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Subaru Forester vs Nissan GT-R Shoot Out: Who Wins? [Video]

Watch a Subaru Forester vs a Nissan GT-R in quarter mile sprint. The GT-R has to win right?

Subaru Forester enthusiasts can usually be seen doing all kinds of crazy off-road adventures in the sand or dirt. You don’t see too many of the recreation-purposed all-wheel drive vehicles on the drag strip. This video caught our attention because this Forester takes on a Nissan GT-R and wins in a quarter mile sprint. Scroll down to see the video.

It’s a third-generation Subaru Forester (2002-2005) but this Australian mate makes a number of modifications to the SUV, adds nitrous and pumps up the power to 520hp. When you think of Australia, we generally think of the Subaru Outback, but down in Australia, the Forester is also a popular AWD vehicle. It’s usually not on the drag strip.

When this Forester rolls up to the line you expect it to fall flat on its face and it does on one run. But when this mate lines up against Godzilla, he is ready. He says he’s running Mickey Thompson street tires and he makes them stick as he launches the SUV off the line. He gets a 1.5 sec 60ft hole shot. Later this hot Subaru Forester SUV runs a 11.36 at 120mph quarter mile.

Watch The Toaster-500hp Nitrous Subaru Forester video.

Source: 1320video

Image source: 1320video

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