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Subaru dealer keeps sales of 2014 BRZ online for savvy shoppers

After Subaru is offering the 2014 BRZ to dealers for the first time, City Subaru in Australia is offering buyers the ability to continue to buy the 2014 Subaru BRZ completely online. Will buyers choose this option?

Just recently, Subaru Australia opened up BRZ sales to the dealer network for the very first time. BRZ was only offered online before January 2, 2014. City Subaru in Australia has purchased the online buying site and will keep sales online. With more and more younger buyers doing research on the internet before they purchase that new car, they think it will still be a viable BRZ purchase option. So why not give them the ability to continue to buy the BRZ online?

The auto industry has been lagging behind other retail industries in this, but it’s continuing for Australian BRZ shoppers. Anyone wanting to buy a Subaru would have needed to visit the sales department at their local dealership. And many car buyers are turned off by going to the dealer and having to deal with the sales process that can be a real pain. City Subaru is offering customers the continuing opportunity to buy a Subaru BRZ completely online without the hassle. It worked before, so why not keep it?

This new sales approach was originally developed by Subaru to allow BRZ customers to bypass the traditional sales process, and it still gives them the ability to do it completely online. Subaru was the first car manufacturer in Australia to provide this new buying facility. How does the online sales process work? 

Customers looking to purchase a new 2014 BRZ can choose their transmission, features and options and color completely online. They will be able to have total visibility of the anticipated waiting time and full information on trade ins, finance and insurance. Customers will then be able to specify the dealership where they would like their new BRZ delivered. 

While it will seems difficult for the dealer to determine value for the customers trade in, there still may be some issues unless they actually see the customers car. For those without a trade in, the process will be much easier and streamlined. It will be a much simpler process for buyers of the BRZ as they complete the buying process online.

City Subaru is only offering this continued service for customers wishing to buy a Subaru BRZ. They won’t offer it for the rest of the Subaru lineup. The dealer says they will remain fully available for test drives and vehicle enquiries.

The BRZ is appealing to new buyers who have never purchased a Subaru product before. It is a different animal than the traditional multi-use vehicles the Japanese automaker produces. BRZ is a rear-drive sports car that isn’t anything the automaker had in its lineup. New younger buyers will like the online buying process and increase sales for City Subaru. Would you buy a new BRZ online?