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Stock 2015 BMW M3/M4 is track-ready with this special feature [video]

It’s called Adaptive M suspension and it turns the 2015 BMW M3/M4 from a finely tailored suit into a trained assassin.

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Many BMW M owners take their new 2015 BMW M3/M4 to the track, and the Adaptive M suspension gives them the ability to turn the performance car from a nicely behaving car for the commute, into a monster on the track. The 2015 BMW M4 gets a new 3.0-liter TwinPower inline 6-cylinder that delivers 11 hp and 110 lb. ft of torque more than the naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V8 direct-injection powerplant from the outgoing model.

BMW lowered the weight on the new M4 by using various carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium components in the new performance car. This also has improved the power-to-weight ratio of the car by 22 hp per ton over its predecessor. The new M4 is even more track-capable than before and it uses a special Adaptive M suspension that offers three modes for relaxed driving, more aggressive street and track settings.

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How does Adaptive M work?

The suspension settings can be adjusted from comfortable to sporty-dynamic via the Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes. Comfort mode ensures comfortable handling during everyday driving, and also increases safety in case sudden swerving is necessary. In Sport mode, ample comfort is maintained, but dampening is reduced and contact with the road is more direct – ideal for country roads and uneven racecourses. Sport+ mode offers minimal dampening and maximum driving dynamics on level roads and racetracks.

M4 in Sport + mode

We recently had the new M4 for a week and took it out for a test run up a mountain road that gave us a good idea of how the suspension setup works. We switched to Sport + mode which dialed up the steering effort as we powered up the mountain canyon road. The M4 took the tight turns and made easy effort of the tight S-curves. The M Double-clutch transmission with the paddle shifters was lightning quick and the M suspension kept us flat with very little body roll around the corners. The expensive M Carbon ceramic brakes worked beautifully and are must have if you plan on taking the M4 to the track.

BMW says the Adaptive M suspension's electronically controlled shock absorbers constantly adjust to road conditions as well as driving style within milliseconds. This gives driving enthusiasts the ability to turn the new 2015 BMW M4 from a compliant daily driver into an assassin on the track.

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