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Rumored: Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is Axed by Subaru

Subaru may not offer the Crosstrek Hybrid for 2017. Has it been axed?

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The Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid was offered as a 2016 model, but you likely won’t find it for 2017. According to a source close to Subaru, the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is not going to be available. And it may not be available when the 2018 Crosstrek gets a complete remodel. Why is the Crosstrek Hybrid gone?

If Subaru doesn’t offer it for 2017, it’s likely due to slow sales. At a $4800 premium over the gas model, most buyers weren’t willing to pay the extra dollars for the 3 mpg increase in fuel mileage. With gasoline prices hovering slightly above $2.00 a gallon, compact crossover buyers aren’t going to shell out nearly $5000 extra over the standard Crosstrek.

The Hybrid had increased performance over the standard Crosstrek, and it ramped up the fun-to-drive meter. But along with improved mileage, it still wasn’t enough to move many Hybrids off dealer lots.

Hybrid offered increased performance

The Crosstrek Hybrid used the same 2.0-liter Subaru Boxer engine, but had a slightly higher compression ratio (10.8:1) than in the standard gas model (10.5:1). It also featured reduced-friction piston rings and valve springs and a higher capacity exhaust gas regeneration (EGR) system with an EGR cooler.

It received an eco-performance boost from the hybrid’s permanent-magnet AC synchronous electric drive motor, which produced 13.4 hp. The hybrid had 12hp more for a total system output of 160hp. The XV hybrid’s electric motor also contributed 47.9 lb.-ft. of torque from 0-1,500 rpm which gave the hybrid extra power from a standing start. The hybrid crossover had a total system torque of 163 lb.-ft. at just 2,000 rpm.

What’s next for Crosstrek?

The 2017 Subaru Crosstrek won’t see many changes. Subaru made some pretty significant changes to the 2016 model during the fourth-year refresh. This refresh is humorously known as the BMC or "big minor change." Changes during this mid-cycle update included a new front end, modest interior changes, and new wheels. These changes will carry the Crosstrek through the 2017 models until an all-new Crosstrek appears as a 2018 model. Big changes are coming for the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, as it will be the next model that will be built on the new Subaru Global Platform. Stay tuned.

Source: Subaru

Image source: Subaru

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