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RSR 801 Series wheels give 2015 BMW M4 radical motorsport look

The 2015 BMW M4 gets some new wheels at Bimmerfest 2015. Who is RSR and how does this improve the M4?


RSR (Road, Street, Race) wheels, brought a new 2015 BMW M4 to Bimmerfest to show of their new 801 Series flow form wheels. Bimmerfest was held last Saturday and the lighter weight, cast aluminum wheels set the M4 apart and gives it a radical look. It also helps when VIBE Motorsports helps modify the M4 Coupe.

VIBE Motorsports-modified M4 at Bimmerfest 2015

Bimmerfest was held at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif., on Saturday, May 23, highlighting the VIBE Motorsports-modified M4, and was shown during the biggest BMW party in the country. 

RSR partnered with VIBE Motorsports based in Sun Valley, Calif, to create a modified 2015 M4 that was shown for the first time in the U.S. VIBE tuned the M4 with an aftermarket exhaust by BORLA, providing even better horsepower and sound.

VIBE also lowered the ride height of the M4 for increased aerodynamics. The full set-up included RSR’s 801 series 20”x9” and 20”x10 ½“ wheels in graphite, that highlight the mineral white metallic exterior and black leather interior.

According to Bill Koenig, executive vice president for MKW and RSR, these RSR wheels provide luxury sport vehicles like the M4 a completely new edge. “Over the past six months we’ve benefitted from the significant increase in demand for the light-weight, race-type of wheel that enthusiasts’ desire,” said Koenig.  “Our flow form wheels are generating a buzz especially within the popular BMW crowd and we’re providing a motorsport look for popular cars like the M3 and M4.” 

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RSR stands for Road, Street and Race. The wheels allow for big brake upgrades and larger brake calipers. For racing, RSR uses high tech, lighter weight, forged aluminum and custom-built wheels. They take a cast aluminum wheel and lighten it by 30 percent. RSR’s race version 801 Series will be ready for delivery in 2016.

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