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The New Subaru Wilderness Reveal Update And Spoiler Alert

Subaru teased another image of the all-new Wilderness SUV that makes its global debut tomorrow. Check out the report and a spoiler alert here before the big reveal.

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Subaru fans looking for the new Wilderness model will see it soon. Subaru of America released another teaser image of the new rugged model above. We know the newest Wilderness trim level and have been reporting on it for months. Spoiler Alert: Don't read any further in this report unless you want to know which Subaru model it is.

Troy Poston, the new Senior Vice President of Sales for Subaru of America, says, "Car buyers have a lot to look forward to in Q2, starting with the global debut of the latest Subaru Wilderness vehicle at the New York International Auto Show later this week."

2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness update

The all-new Subaru Wilderness, making its global reveal, is the new 2024 Crosstrek Wilderness subcompact SUV. It's not a secret as many Subaru retailers let the cat out of the bag before it's uncovered tomorrow at the Subaru press stand at the New York Auto Show.

Subaru Corporation even revealed some of the Crosstrek Wilderness upgrades in a new video released recently. The video shows a Japanese-specification 2024 Crosstrek with Wilderness upgrades in a new Crosstrek accessories video you can watch below. In addition, some of the images can be seen here.

2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness update

What to expect at the global Wilderness reveal tomorrow.

Subaru will give the Crosstrek Wilderness increased ground clearance (likely 9.2-inches like Forester), 17-inch black wheels wrapped in Yokohama Geolander all-terrain tires, dual-function X-Mode, StarTex upholstery, a 180-degree front monitor, anodized Copper interior, and exterior accents, and Wilderness badging. We expect the vehicle also to have a full-size spare tire.

The new Crosstrek Wilderness will also feature a modified Lineartronic CVT automatic (Continuously Variable Transmission), upgraded rear differential, standard front and skid plates, and off-road suspension.

The Crosstrek Wilderness could be the Camden, N.J. automaker's most significant launch since the Crosstrek first hit U.S. shores in 2012. A new generation of outdoor enthusiasts is a considerable part of the subcompact SUVs' success. Subaru says about 33 percent of Crosstrek owners will use their subcompact SUV for off-pavement recreation.

Many of the same previous-generation Crosstrek owners and more new buyers will get the rugged off-road-ready Crosstrek Wilderness to get further off the grid and away from civilization. But, unfortunately, the new model will be hard to get as it will be in high demand.

When will the Crosstrek Wilderness be available for U.S. customers?

Subaru of America will reveal the retailer launch date tomorrow, but we expect the new outdoor-themed SUV will be available by the end of the year or early 2024. The Sport and Limited trim levels arrive this summer.

However, you won't have to wait long for the all-new, rugged Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness trim level. The new Wilderness family is growing, and its latest addition will be unveiled tomorrow (April 5, 2023) at the Subaru press event at the New York Auto Show at 10:10 AM EST. It will be live on Subaru's social media channels. Stay tuned.

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