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New Subaru Crosstrek Vs. New Impreza - One Is 5 Times Better Now But Not For Long

Which new next-generation model is the best, the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek or the 2024 Subaru Impreza? Check out the comparison here. See why the gap between the two models is closing.


Which is better, the next-generation 2024 Subaru Crosstrek subcompact SUV or the new 2024 Subaru Impreza compact hatchback? They are both remodeled from the ground up with many recent upgrades. Here are the similarities and significant differences new car shoppers should know.

It's important to note that the current Crosstrek and Impreza models are far apart in sales volume. The Crosstrek outsold the Impreza five to one. The Crosstrek finished 2022 with 155,142 sales, and the Impreza with only 30,846. But that is about to change this year.

2024 Subaru Crosstrek Vs. 2024 Subaru Impreza

Why is the gap between Impreza and Crosstrek closing? First, check out the similarities between the two remodeled vehicles.

The new 2024 Subaru Crosstrek and the new Subaru Crosstrek Impreza ride on the updated Subaru Global Platform, allowing model flexibility between assembly lines and still using some of the same parts. But the Impreza gets a new engine upgrade.

2024 Subaru Crosstrek Vs. 2024 Subaru Impreza

Engine and transmission

They share the same direct-injection 2.0-liter Boxer engine producing 152 horsepower and 145 lb.-ft. of torque in some lower trim levels, and they now share the same re-tuned and upgraded 2.5-liter Boxer engine producing 182 horsepower and 178 lb.-ft. of torque in Crosstrek Sport and Limited trims and the new Impreza RS hatch. The all-new RS 2.5L trim is the game changer for the Impreza hatch.

Both the Crosstrek and Impreza with the 2.5-liter engine are mated with a Lineartronic Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT) with 8-speed manual mode with steering wheel paddle shifters that allow the driver to control the transmission via eight pre-set ratios.

Fuel mileage

A significant difference is the new Impreza hatchback with either the 2.0-liter or the 2.5-liter engine will get better fuel mileage than the Crosstrek. The difference is that the Impreza sits lower to the ground and is more aerodynamic than the Crosstrek.

The Crosstrek's bigger wheels and tire size also contribute to the increase in Impreza's fuel mileage. As a result, the 2024 Impreza 2.0-liter's EPA ratings will be slightly better than those of the current five-door hatchback equipped with the CVT; 28/36 city/highway and 31 combined mpg.

The new Impreza RS with the re-tuned 2.5-liter engine should also return slightly better fuel mileage than the current-generation Crosstrek, which gets an EPA-estimated 27/34 city/highway and 29 combined mpg.

The two models get similar technology upgrades inside the cabin with a new 11.6-inch Subaru Starlink center information display. In addition, both come with Subaru's Symmetrical all-wheel-drive system for all-weather performance, and the automaker's improved Eyesight driver assist safety technology is standard on all trim levels.

The big difference hasn't changed

The big difference is the Crosstrek comes with X-Mode and dual-function X-Mode for off-pavement and all-terrain performance. The Impreza sits lower to the ground and is still not equipped for off-road excursions. For customers who want to get further off the grid on the weekends, the Crosstrek is the only choice.

The Impreza RS is sportier and faster

The lighter Impreza 2.5L RS will be a fast, fun-to-drive small hatch for driving enthusiasts. The Impreza RS with the 2.5L engine upgrade is a significant improvement over the previous-generation 5-Door hatchback. The Crosstrek Sport and Limited 2.5L models will be powerful but won't be as fast or fun to drive as the all-new Impreza RS.

As a result, they are still two very different models for a diverse demographic of buyers. The Subaru Crosstrek subcompact SUV outsells the current generation Impreza sedan and hatchback five-to-one now, but it's about to change with the newly-remodeled 2024 Impreza.

Look for the all-new 2024 Subaru Impreza RS hot hatch to help the compact model gain ground on the remodeled 2024 Subaru Crosstrek subcompact SUV. Of course, the Impreza will never catch up to the Crosstrek, but the gap is closing this year.

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