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New M2 Scores Sportiest Car Award; BMW Wins Remarkable 5 Best-in-Class Victories

The BMW M2 Coupe wins “the Sportiest Cars of 2016” award. BMW M picks up an impressive 5 class wins.

Readers of the magazine "sport auto” sure do like vehicles from BMW M GmbH. The Bavarian automaker impressively picks up 5 class wins in their latest “ the Sportiest Cars of 2016” Award. The BMW M2 was one of the latest recipients and gets another award for its trophy case. It’s not surprising that M2 Coupe is considered one of the sportiest cars of 2016.

The BMW M2 coupe gets "the Sportiest Cars in 2016" award for the first time and immediately received 21.8 percent of the vote and the title in the "Coupes under 100,000 euros” category.The high-performance coupe from BMW M GmbH impressed readers with its track abilities, perfectly balanced overall package of driveline and chassis technology, aerodynamically optimized exterior design and its model-specific cockpit design.

BMW takes home 5 class wins

Other BMW M performance cars taking home awards were the BMW M 235i Coupe, M235i Convertible, and the M3 takes home its third consecutive title. The BMW 340i sedan gets its first title with a 26.3 percent share of the reader’s vote.

It’s not the first award for the M2 Coupe. It claimed the title of BBC Top Gear Magazine’s Coupe of the year in the UK earlier this year. It’s not surprising the performance M2 gets another award from this magazine’s readers. The BMW M2 along with four of its stablemates gets the German automaker the largest number of titles of any manufacturer from the “sport auto” magazine in 2016.

Source: BMW

Photo: BMW