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BMW M2 Accolades Start Rolling In

The new 2016 BMW M2 Coupe hasn’t even launched and it’s already getting awards. Where did the Coupe get its first global award?

BMW’s M2 Coupe is a hit with performance enthusiasts around the globe and it just picked up its first award. We’re sure there are many more to come for the newest launch from BMW M GmbH. The new 2016 BMW M2, set to go on sale this month, has claimed the title of BBC Top Gear Magazine’s Coupe of the year in the UK.

M2 has other good qualities

The magazine didn’t mention the sports car’s power, or impressive performance from the TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter powerplant. They talked about its other qualities. Paul Horrell, Consultant Editor, Top Gear Magazine said: “It’s refined, well-equipped and nicely built. A quality item all round. Not too garishly styled either, but those widened wings tell the story to people who know. It’s very hard indeed to think of a better new car for your 44,070 (British Pounds).”

The new M2 also features a lightweight aluminum suspension, comes with a manual gearbox with rev-matching technology, a fully variable Active M differential and high performance brakes. These are the qualities that performance enthusiasts are excited about.

BMW M2 is the best new coupe

Each of the Top Gear Magazine Awards winners are picked by the publication’s expert motoring journalists, and The Stig, who rates and reviews more than 300 cars each year, before announcing the best in each category. The M2 gets the nod for the magazine’s best new Coupe.

The BMW M2 Coupe is the most anticipated car to come out of Bavaria in a long time. It’s the answer to what performance fans have been asking for. The BMW M2 is a return to a smaller, nimble, rear-drive sports coupe and is likely the most exciting car to come out of BMW M GmbH in years. It gets its first global award as BBC Top Gear Magazine’s Coupe of the year. We are sure there are many more to come.

Source: BMW

Image source: BMW